About Grasshopper Media

Grasshopper Media specialise in Wedding, Events and Corporate Videography. We’re an established media company based in Canberra with over twenty years experience in the industry. 

Our creative team includes:

Robin MurdenDirector, Videographer and Editor.
Robin’s background is in television, sound recording, corporate video and event coverage. He brings a wealth of experience to all facets of the business. Robin has filmed a multitude of weddings and events and is fine tuned into the order of proceedings for such events.

Anna LeeVideographer, Editor, Designer.
Anna is an artist and designer with a creative flair for filmmaking. She also assists Robin with editing and highlights videos for social media. Anna is studying her degree in Media Arts and Production and has had a decade of  experience in filming and production.

We are a father-daughter team who work extremely well together. We’re passionate about capturing the mood and drama of the day. Weaving it into a unique story for you to enjoy now, and in the years to come.